11 FEB 2015

Website: MarketsWiki.com - Education

Title: Blair Hull - Getting The Edge: Blackjack and the S&P 500

Quote: "What you need to be is persistent and disciplined in your strategy."

06 MAR 2014

Publication: The Options Industry Council Press Release

Title: The Options Industry Council Announces Blair Hull as 2014 Sullivan Award Recipient

Quote: “Blair Hull’s career in the trading world has spanned almost 40 years.  Throughout his career, Mr. Hull has received industry wide recognition for his achievements as an innovator, market maker and skilled investor. “

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21 OCT 2013

Website: Tastytrade.com

Title: 'Cancel Crash': A tastytrade Special Documentary on the Stock market Crash of 1987

Quote: "...It was the illusion of liquidity that caused the '87 crash."

08 AUG 2013 

Publication: ETF Strategy

Title: Veteran Investor Blair Hull Plans Active ETF

Quote: “Proprietary trading firms and hedge funds have been successfully deploying  ever more powerful computer modeling and programmed trading capabilities to make money for their own accounts.  We want to completely open this up and radically expand investor access to these advanced models and systems. “

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Publication: Worth Magazine

Title: Wall Street's 25 Smartest Players

Quote: "In a business that isn’t normally modest about its technological savvy, Hull and his automated trading shop are the envy of Wall Street’s top firms."

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01 APR 2005

Publication: Trader Monthly

Title: The 40 Greatest Trades of All Time

Quote: “[Blair Hull’s] buys not only brought liquidity back to the marketplace,
but confidence as well."

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Publication: Non-Fiction Book

Title: The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America's Top Traders

Author:  Jack D. Schwager

Quote: "Whether you're playing blackjack or trading, your profitability depends on your edge and how many times you get to apply that edge."

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30 APR 1997

Publication: Fast Company

Title: Risky Business, Sound Thinking – Blair Hull’s Traders Don’t Out-Shout Their Competitors.  They Just Outsmart Them.

Quote: “[It] isn’t just a company, it’s a system designed to beat the odds in one of the world’s riskiest businesses.”   

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