At Hull Investments LLC, we believe in the power of information.  Our approach to investing relies heavily on research and  innovation, technology and science, and over four decades of trusted trading experience.

Our Approach

Hull Investments, LLC and its related financial companies strive to find the most elegant and efficient balance for a successful investment process using disciplines at the intersection of statistics, finance, and computer science.

Our mathematicians, statisticians, engineers and computer scientists employ fundamental research, advanced quantitative analysis and cutting-edge technology to identify and create new investment strategies.

Our organization and our people are diligent students of several of the best schools of both statistical learning (in the tradition of Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman at Stanford) as well as machine learning. We deploy state-of-the-art software, including many packages from the R statistical language such as caret and mlr along with their underlying boosting, bagging and tree-based classification and regression methods. Our researchers attend conferences in both statistics and machine learning to remain at the forefront of current industry and academic research.

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Our Companies

Hull Investments, LLC was founded in 1999 following the sale of Hull Trading Group to Goldman Sachs. Today, Hull Investments serves as the family office for three generations of the Hull family, and is the parent company of Hull Tactical Asset Allocation, LLC and Ketchum Trading, LLC. HTAA is an SEC registered investment advisor that was founded in 2013. HTAA is an independent, privately owned firm focused on quantitative asset management and long-term capital management. HTAA utilizes advanced algorithms and macro and technical indicators to anticipate future market returns. The strategies are stress tested with over 20 years of historical data and evolved from tactical allocation models developed and traded by Hull Investments, LLC.

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